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Meditation in Your Toolbelt

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Take a moment. Get comfortable. And breathe.

Self-care is a must - for everyone, but self-care is work in itself. As a Brand Strategist, I see all types of people: creatives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, etc. However, in at least one respect, they all share the commonality of situations that trigger stress and anxiety; it's inevitable. But what isn't inevitable is letting the anxiety overtake you. Being able to calm yourself is a powerful tool, and that's why I believe meditation and self-care are as essential as breathing.

For each one of my clients, right before we get started with our first session, I offer a gift. Not an actual physical wrapped-up-with-a-bow gift, I'm talking about the gift of meditation. Almost

everyone I encounter seems confused about what meditation is, and most people aren't even sure they're doing it right. Meditation isn't just Buddhist monks' work; it is something that we all can learn, practice, and use to keep our sanity in this crazy world.

Meditation is a tool to take you from an anxious or stressed state to a more relaxed frame of

mind. Most of our stress and anxiety stems from worrying about things from the past that we

can't do anything about or from worrying about things in the future that we can't control.

Oprah once said that she meditates each time before going on stage. How is that possible, you might ask? Well, it's because meditation doesn't just happen in quite dim-lit rooms. Meditation, at times, looks like bringing your thoughts back to a present moment. Meditation for her is a quick, always ready, always there, tried, and trusted method to get grounded and to feel calm, so she isn't overwhelmed. There are so many situations that can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and even overworked, but it doesn't matter if it's within a relationship or your job - you can get through it.

While most of my clients are entrepreneurs that encounter an increased amount of stress from running a business, this fact holds true for everyone: Meditation is a tool that can be used to help manage anxiety when it shows up no matter what is happening around you. Entrepreneurs, creatives, mothers, students - we all can benefit

Five years ago, the World Health Organization said that by 2020, anxiety and depression would be the number one disability worldwide. Think about that. The most common mental health issues were expected to be anxiety and depression. The prediction has become real as we are navigating through a worldwide pandemic. According to Anxiety and Depression, "40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year suffer from anxiety disorders." Part of the self-work in changing this statistic is knowing how to care for yourself and show up for yourself. Showing up for yourself doesn't mean just working hard: it also means self-care.

But let's be clear, self-care isn't something that happens by chance. It doesn't happen to you - you have to make it happen for you. So the next time you go and get a manicure, or take a spa day, remember to add meditation to that list for the sake of your mental health. Remember to retreat within yourself when things seem overwhelming because right now, the world is overwhelming.

This virus, the constant fight for justice for black lives and justice for a fair democracy, seems to be shoved in our face as it continues to show up in the news and on our social media timelines. And while stress and anxiety seem to be inevitable, having that tool of mediation is just one tool available to help us stay present at the moment and find gratitude in our lives.

So, take a moment right now. Get comfortable, and breathe. Find your peace. Your mental health depends on it.

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