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When Branding Asks: What Is in A Name?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Let’s have a quick talk about branding and social media for creatives. Branding as a creative or artist is important, just as branding for any other type of organization or business is. Yes, branding as a creative entrepreneur may come as a bit of a challenge as in many ways, especially since it may be a personal experience. But branding as an actor, musician, comedian, or any other type of entertainer is a must in order to maintain success. Which is why every creative entrepreneur should ask themselves these questions:

  • How do you see yourself? Be honest and say “I am...” and “I am not...”

  • How do others perceive you? Get Feedback from friends and via social. Ask the question: Can you name one to three adjectives you would use to describe me?

  • Most importantly: How do I make people feel?

Being real with these questions and receiving helpful feedback can go a long way in developing your brand as a creative entrepreneur. But so can something else: your name.

I know this is random but let’s talk about it for a minute because I see this a lot. So many creatives are using nicknames with complicated spelling on social media. This is not the move when it comes to growing your brand. When you are trying to build brand awareness with an audience the goal is to be memorable and relatable. “Sag3Babii4Life” is not only hard remember the how to spell but when you think five years ahead in your career is this really how you will want to be known?

Let’s look at it another way. Let’s pretend social distancing has just ended and Cheronda is ready to get out the house and hear some live music with her crew. And it’s just their luck that you and your band are one of many performing at a local festival. You have been stuck in quarantine hell as well and you hit the stave and kill it. The crowd is lit, Cheronda and her crew are vibing as they fall in love with your original music. The next performers hit the stage, the crew throws back a few more drinks and they end the night on a high. She wakes up the next day remembering your vibe and goes to look you up on Instagram eager to follow. But there’s just one problem, she can’t remember how to spell your name and after several attempts she gives up and goes to get breakfast. Sag3Babii4Life has lost a potential fan and download opportunity.

People do not naturally desire to work hard to consume the things we love. We want to have the quickest path as possible to personal satisfaction and when the task is to complex most of us move on to the next thing. For you, the budding creative entrepreneur, it’s best to keep your name simple and easy to remember. Don’t become so creative with the spelling unless it makes sense to your brand.

Now that your name is straight let’s talk about how your brand should come across on social media platforms, and how can you engage with your targeted audience? Here are some things to consider:

Know the platform that fits your face

  1. Have a presence on the big four: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

  2. Know what platform you shine and have the most engagement on.

  3. Know your audience in the most detailed way!

There’s something else that creative entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when engaging with their targeted audience on social media: the 80/20 rule.

What is the 80/20 Rule?

The 80/20 rule means 20% of your consumers are loyal and committed to you. Period. The other 80% are simply curious, have come to your account because you are giving a discount or looking for a discount, or just trying new things. It is so important that you don’t change your brand or services to cater to the 80%!

Your job is to make sure that you are engaged with your 20% target base. Nurture them and think about what need you fulfill for them. What value can you bring them with your posts or content? Think about what your 20% will gain from each post. Always be talking to your 20% so that it can grow! 20% is the new bae and it’s your job to keep bae happy.

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